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Shadowplay Music
Sågstuvägen 40, 2tr
141 49 Huddinge
Sweden 769609-9683

Phone: +46 (0) 702 510 225



Shadowplay Music is a Swedish independent record label based in Stockholm that was started in 2002. Presently the artists of the label are Marina Siertis and Ruler of the Solar Empire. There are planned releases for Marina Siertis during 2007/2008, as well as for Ruler of the Solar Empire during 2008.

The label has previously released the debut albums of Marina Siertis and [brus], but under the name Shadowplay Electronica. In addition Shadowplay Music has co-arranged the Sputnik Festival 2003.

Presently we see it as our main task to promote and release our own artists. Concerning Marina Siertis, concert bookings are performed by Nangijala Bookings. Shadowplay Music distributes through many major download sites, such as iTunes, MSN Entertainment, CDON, etc., and also through major channels for physical distribution.

During 2007, Shadowplay has no intentions of featuring other artists that Marina Siertis and Ruler of the Solar Empire. No decision on the matter has been taken for 2008 but please be restrictive when sending in promotion material for you band. We don’t mind the material (and we do listen to it) but it is a very slime chance that we can accompany your requests, especially if the band is not from Sweden.